The Inspector Keane short stories will be published as 'Crimes from the Hidden City’. There will be 56 stories featuring Inspector Keane collected in five volumes in direct homage to the five volumes containing 56 Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Keane's early days in ‘Q5’ - the section of the police that dealt in the no-man’s land where police work and security work uneasily co-existed - was shrouded in mystery. It was difficult enough to get him to talk about the cases when he was back with the Met. The Q5 adventures were a fully closed book.


Some of things that happened were so traumatic that it was not that he couldn't remember them - it was that he had tried so very hard to forget them. The cases in ‘Crimes from the Hidden City’ describe some of those that that he did remember ...


Samples of these will be available on the web site from time to time to read, print or save.

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