“But, you killed him.” Harries looked at the Commander, astounded by what he had done. “You killed him. Just like that.”


“Yes. He was a murderer. Killed three men last year in a gangland feud.” Commander Tremayne looked at the body. “No different to the hangman, just quicker and cheaper for the taxpayer. He was no use to us or to his masters.”


In the early 1960s John Keane is a young Detective Constable seconded to Q5, a shadowy section of London’s Met.


He is assigned to work with Inspector Harries, a ruthless Q5 officer, who is investigating some treacherous activities by certain members of the British Establishment.


Q5 are convinced that a Government department is the key to this web of intrigue. A former employee was about to supply evidence of the treachery, but dies unexpectedly just as Q5’s investigation is starting.


In the grim and murky world of intelligence activities, trust is a fragile commodity and Keane learns that truth is not always a matter of cold facts.


As the case progresses, it becomes clear that actions seen as patriotism by one person are most definitely regarded as treachery by another.


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