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Damn’d funny dinner party, if you ask me,” growled the Colonel. “No host here to greet us?  Dashed bad manners.” Mrs Ruane looked equally discomforted.  It was strange to her to go back into their old house after what had happened there. “I assume we all received the same invitation to come to dinner at The Grange tonight?”


They all nodded.  “So, where is our host?


Late autumn 1969, and Inspector John Keane gets an invitation to a reunion with old colleagues. But when he reaches the house, his fellow guests are not the ones he expected. Then a man with a gun suddenly appears. Convicted of his wife’s murder and sentenced to life, he has escaped and ensnared all of those involved. He will now find the real killer. Keane must act as investigator and judge, and when the verdict is announced, the gunman will be the executioner. Then the ghosts of the past will be laid to rest and the victim avenged.


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