He thought he could see a dark shadow by the wall to his left . He could not be certain: the snow was still falling with the flakes spinning and turning this way and that in the wind. But he was sure it hadn’t been there when he’d sheltered in the doorway earlier in the evening.

He walked over and shone his torch into the darkness. There was a figure slumped against the wall. At first glance he thought it was a homebound office worker who’d succumbed to an overdose of festive spirit.

‘Come on, Sir. Up you get ...’ he stopped in mid-sentence when he saw the face. Or what was left of it …


Journey to Nowhere is a political thriller set in the mid-1960s against the backdrop of swinging London and a political system at odds with the changing lifestyle of the times.


A body is found in the snow on a quiet suburban street on Christmas Eve. For Inspector Keane it seems a straightforward hit-and-run case. But his problem is that the victim’s wife refuses to accept he is dead - and her stubborn denial triggers an unexpected and deadly chain of events.


It is only when Inspector Keane realises that the hit-and-run death, and other seemingly unconnected deaths, might conceal something more sinister, that his problems really begin.


And out there, somewhere in the shadows, is an organisation that seems to be planning more than mere protests about the increasingly free and easy British society and the drifting ship that is Britain in the 1960s.


It becomes a race against time as Keane’s past catches up with him when he crosses swords with a former colleague from the days when they both worked in the grey area where police and intelligence operations meet.



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